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 Religious or Spiritual? (Survey asks?)

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Religious or Spiritual? (Survey asks?) Empty
PostSubject: Religious or Spiritual? (Survey asks?)   Religious or Spiritual? (Survey asks?) EmptyThu 06 Dec 2007, 3:58 pm

4. Are you religious or spiritual? What's the difference?
As one might have gleaned from my first answer on this survey, I color myself more spiritual than religious – though loosely follow Christian beliefs. I was obviously brought up in a religious environment – albeit an extremely laid back religion - but it doesn’t rule my life as such. I believe most self-professed religious people conform or prescribe to a specific dogma that dictates their lives. In my opinion, spiritual people prescribe directly or indirectly to the ideology of treating others w/ respect and love – or as they wish to be treated.

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Religious or Spiritual? (Survey asks?)
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